Slot Machines are a form of casino games that are closest to actual games. With at least 3 reels that spin when the button is pushed, a player can win according to the win lines and bet. Some slots offer bonus features such as wild symbols that can stack or expand, avalanches, scatters, free spins bonus rounds and bonus games. Some slots even allow players to choose between several free spins options or bonus features.

Slots: Then Till Now

Slot machines started out as the termed fruit machines. These machines had simple card symbols and fruit symbols, as well as the well-known Bar symbol. These were generally 3 by 3 slots, also referred to as the “one eyed bandit” due to the lever that had to be pulled to activate the spin. Once jackpots were added to the slots, the slot machines boomed in the casino industry.

Slot Machine History Slots

When the internet unleashed the power of video games at the start of the century, online casinos used the gaming innovation to computerize the product, leading to videoslots. These were anything from simple version of the fruit machines, to abstract games such as Gonzo’s Quest, with no actual spinning wheels or arm. Since this time, videoslots have grown at an alarming rate so that a new videoslot is released almost every month, with the newest features and compatibilities; from mobile friendly to virtual reality friendly.

Videoslots at Online Casinos

Videoslots are often a starting point for beginning players who don’t have much experience with gambling games. The transition between online games to online gambling is subtle through the use of buttons and simple options. Slots don’t require the use of pokerface or waiting for other players to make choices, such as blackjack or roulette, which makes videoslots an ideal one-player online casino game.

Gonzo's Quest Videoslot History Slots

Jackpot Slots

Jackpots are frequently used to change a simple videoslot into a ticking money machine. Some videoslots even have progressive jackpots. These progressive jackpots aren’t limited to the casino that it is played at, but to the slot itself. This means that every bet that a player, anywhere, is making on that videoslot adds to the progressive jackpot, making it grow exponentially. The possibility of winning the high jackpot is a reason for many players to play slot machines.

Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot Slots

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