Live Casino

Live Casino is a prime way to experience the pleasures of a land-based casino, at an online casino. While this may seem trivial, or unachievable, many online casinos use live casino software providers that are continuously innovation and upgrading their equipment to ensure players of the most impressive quality of live casino games, so that they’re not missing out on anything.

Live Casino Games

Live casino games make use of a live feed through webcam or other videos to give you the most realistic online casino experience. At the live Roulette table, you will be able to witness the live dealer pick up the ball and turn it in the wheel, watching it spin and land on red, black, or green. At the live Blackjack tables you can see the dealer take and flip your cards every time you say hit me. The live Baccarat table will allow you to keep that excitement feature with every turn of the dealers hands. The live Casino Hold’em table will allow you to see the dealer flip the last cards, without having to use your pokerface.


Live Roulette

Playing Live Roulette is similar to the table games oft found at online casinos. You can place you bet during a certain amount of time. The live croupier announces when the bets are closed and he or she will continue to spin the wheel. The camera follows the live croupier and table when you are placing bets, but focuses on the wheel while the ball is rolling. Stats on hot or cold numbers are often offered at Live Roulette casinos.

Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack is extremely similar to Blackjack at an land-based casino. The croupier places each players cards and offers you a certain time to choose whether you want to fold, hit or split. After each player has been dealt the live dealer continues to deal the House cards. Did you win? Then you can expect some congratulations from the live dealer.

Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat is a relatively simple and quick game, which it is ideal to play at the live casino. The cards are naturally dealt open to that you can bet on the player winning, the banker winning, or a tie. Since both the banker and player are dealt two card, this game is a fine option for players who like to play a quick game.

Live Casino Hold’em

Live Casino Hold’em is slightly different than the traditional form of the poker game Texas Hold’em Poker. In this online variation the game becomes one on one between the player and the banker instead of being a multiplayer game. Since the rules are slightly different and the technique is slightly harder to grasp than other live casino games, not all live casino’s offer Live Casino Hold’em to players.

Live Casino Software Providers

Just as how slot machines have differences according to their software providers, the same applies for Live Casino games. Some software providers boast of a large amount of different tables, while other choose for quality over quantity. Other live casino’s offer dealers speaking a specific language, to make them feel more at home. With some software providers you are granted the possibility of changing the view and camera angle to your own advantage. Each have their own positive and negative points, it depends entirely on the wishes of the player which online live casino they prefer.

Do pay attention that at most online casinos it is not possible to use bonus money in the live casino, or it does not count 100% to the wagering of your bonus. To avoid surprises, always read that terms and conditions.

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